If there is 4 apple trees for every three pear trees but for every 2 avocado trees there is 5 pear trees she is planning to plant 18 avocado trees whats the ratio of avocado trees to apple trees?

Accepted Solution

Answer:60Step-by-step explanation:You need to think of it as an equation system.First of all, let's call A the apple trees, P the pear trees and V the avocado's trees.As for every 3 pear trees we have 4 apple trees, it can be written as:4A = 3PThen, we can clear the pears dividing both sides by 3:4A/3 = 3P/3(4/3)A = PThis is, we have one pear tree for every 4/3 apple trees.Then we go to the other relation. For every 5 pears trees there are two avocados trees:2V = 5PAs we want the ratio of avocados to apples we can replace the pear trees by it's expression depending on A:2V = 5 ((4/3)A)2V = (20/3) AMultiplying both sides by 9 we make appear our 18 avocados trees:2V *9 =( 20/3) A * 918 V = 60 ASo, for 18 avocados trees we have 60 apple trees.